How to submit an event

Upcoming Pitt and Community Events

WPTS Radio takes pride in being a part of the Pitt and greater Pittsburgh community. If you are part of a student group or non-profit organization and you’re doing something cool, we want to know about it and help spread the word. We are happy to air an announcement or PSA for you, provided it meets our format and complies with FCC guidelines.


Just submit:

Who: (Name of group/organization)
What: (What event/psa do you want us to announce?)
When: (Time and date of event)
Where: (Location of event)
Contact: (Where can listeners go for more information?)

All aired announcements will also appear on our online Community Events calendar.


The FCC prohibits non-commercial radio from mentioning prices and making calls to actions in reference to people, groups and businesses. Community announcements are therefore short, straightforward, and informative. If you have questions regarding what is and is not playable, contact the Traffic & Continuity director.

With our format, 1 promotion is played per hour from a pool of promotions. The selection is done semi-randomly. We encourage you to submit announcements well in advance of the event date.


Questions? Other submissions? You can email the Traffic and Continuity Director at