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WPTS Recommends 12/7

On this special edition of WPTS Recommends, each member of the panel selects a song from any point in 2015 to talk about. Included are Tame Impala, Sufjan Stevens, Purity Ring and more.  

ADDS for 11/24

Check out what’s new at WPTS! 1. Nadia Reid – Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs (Spunk)   Chill tunes with an acoustic, Laura Marling-esque vibe. 2. Kishi Bashi – String Quartet Live!...

Litz and Gaby: Episode 3

Litz and Gaby: Episode 3

Litz and Gaby are back to discuss headlines around the sports world and beyond. Gaby outlines the Cubs bright future despite being swept in the NLCS. Litz predicts the Cubs will win a World...