Category: Music

Low Man Live Show

Pittsburgh’s own Low Man pack a punch with their unique style of stoner rock. With two vocalists, Low Man brings a high-energy performance to the WPTS station.

Live Show with Watermelon!

Brooklyn’s Watermelon brings the funk into the WPTS Live Show a lil’ bit ago, so check it out! Those vocalists compliment each other like PB n J. Whole lotta fun! Listen to more at...

Partly Sunny Live Show

Partly Sunny came in here with their crust-punk guns a-blazen’! With their blend of Built To Spill, old-old Weezer, and anger, Partly Sunny knows how to throw a good show. Check em out!

VIA Festival Review

  The VIA Music and New Media Festival is a Pittsburgh-based creative collective that stretches the meaning of what it means to be a festival. It’s something more than music, caught in the space...