JURIST – Episode 8

by Genevieve Redd, JURIST Podcast Host

JURIST kicks off the fall season with our first ever edition of the “legally quirky”: relevant and slightly baffling legal news coming to a Courthouse near you, complete with tongue in cheek.

A monument of the Ten Commandments is under siege in Oklahoma. Not only is the ACLU of Oklahoma challenging the presence of a statue on government property, but the Satanic Temple, is pressing to place a demonic statue right next to it, complete with adoring children under a symbol of the AntiChrist. Ironically, the legal arguments have little to do with the religions themselves.

These legal battles grew out of an alleged abuse by the city in its permit process for religious monuments. Specifically, the ACLU is challenging the city’s choice to allow only one monument to one religion despite several applications from other well-known groups. Known as the “Buckle of the Bible Belt”, the Oklahoma capitol is under pressure to loosen up a notch and make room for Hinduism, Islam, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Satan.

Social Media Coordinator and host Genevieve Redd discusses summer hi-lights and ties them into a historical context of the legally quirky.

JURIST Paperchase peer editor and JSSA President Julie Deisher discusses her research of the legally quirky for the August 22, 2104 article,”ACLU challenges Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma capitol”. She expands on her research and the bounds of legal humor in the Podcast.

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