NFL Week 4 Recap: Jay Cutler returns, Todd Gurley shines

By Desmond Palmer

Giants 24, Bills 10

RECAP—The New York Giants have built a reputation of blowing games in the fourth quarter this NFL season, which is never something you want associated with the franchise, but they would avoid the fourth-quarter-failures in Buffalo against the Bills. Despite the Giants leading for most of the game, the Bills did not give up, and they only trailed by six in the fourth quarter. Needing a game-sealing score, Eli Manning delivered a pass to Rashad Jennings, who evaded multiple tackles on his way to a 51-yard touchdown reception. Ballgame, Giants. It also didn’t help that the Bills received 17 flags for 135 yards. Discipline lectures loom in the near future.

Top Performers

NY: Passing, Eli Manning, 20-35, 212 yds, 3 tds, 1 int

Rushing: Rashad Jennings, 9 carries, 38yds

Receiving: 2 receptions, 54 yds, 1 td

Buf: Passing, Tyrod Taylor, 28-42, 274 yds, 1 td, 1 int

Rushing: Karlos Williams, 18 carries, 40 yds

Receiving: Charles Clay, 9 receptions, 111 yds


Bears 22, Raiders 20

RECAP—We could all expect the Bears offense to be excited about the return of star Jay Cutler, but late in the game he threw an interception that was all too familiar to Bears fans. Game over, right? Wrong. Jay Cutler tossed the original script and led a drive that put Robbie Gould in position to hit a 49-yard field goal to win the game 22-20, in Chicago. As for the Raiders, they will need to re-group in preparation for the undefeated Denver Broncos.

Top Performers

Chi: Passing, Jay Cutler 28-43, 281 yds, 2 tds, 1 int

Rushing, Matt Forte, 25 carries, 91 yds, 1 fumble

Receiving, Martellus Bennett, 11 receptions, 83 yds, 1 td

Oak: Passing, Derek Carr, 20-33, 196 yds, 2 tds, 1 int

Rushing, Latavius Murray, 16 carries, 49 yds, 1 fumble

Receiving, Michael Crabtree, 5 receptions, 80 yds


Bengals 36, Chiefs 21

RECAP—Another week, another superstar performance from Andy Dalton. Dalton was on fire early on and completed 10 straight passes. The undefeated Bengals are two wins away from a franchise-best 6-0 start. Whether or not they reach the record, they’ve looked playoff-ready so far, and the success should only continue. The 1-3 Chiefs secondary has gotten shredded for the third week in a row. That said, two of the three QBs they’ve faced are hall-of-famers and the third is a pro-bowler. Nevertheless, the Chiefs will have to tighten up on defense and protect Alex Smith to turn this nightmare around.

Top Performers

KC:Passing, Alex Smith, 31-45, 386 yds

Rushing, Jamal Charles, 11 carries, 75 yds

Receiving, Jeremy Maclin, 11 receptions, 148 yds

Cin: Passing, Andy Dalton, 17-24, 321 yds, 1 td

Rushing, Giovani Bernard, 13 carries, 62 yds, 1 td

Receiving, Mohamed Sanu, 4 receptions, 84 yds


Colts 16, Jaguars 13

RECAP—This unlikely overtime matchup featured the league’s oldest active quarter back, Matt Hasselbeck, and 42-year old kicker Adam Vinatieri dusting off some cobwebs to do a little scoring for the Colts. With Andrew Luck out dealing with shoulder issues, Hasselbeck was able to manage the game and put Vinatieri in chip-shot range to take the game in OT. This year’s kicking curse caught another victim, Jason Meyers, who missed three field goals on the day blowing the game for the Jags. Chip shots? No. Field goals a pro kicker should be able to make? For sure. Then again, at least he’s in good company.

Top Performers

Indy: Passing, Matt Hasselbeck, 30-47, 282 yds, 1 td

Rushing, Frank Gore, 17 carries, 53 yds, 1 fumble

Receiving, Colby Fleener, 9 receptions, 83 yds, 1 td

Jax: Passing, Blake Bortles, 28-50, 298 yds, 1 td

Rushing, T.J. Yeldon, 22 carries, 105 yds

Receiving, Allen Hurns, 11 receptions, 116 yds, 1 td


Rams 24, Cardinals 22

RECAP—An exciting division rivalry between the Cardinals and the Rams showed everyone a couple things. First off, Todd Gurley finally started playing like the back everyone thought he would be, recording 146 yards on the ground. Second, while it was just their first loss, the Cardinals may be slightly overrated. The Cardinals lacked their usual efficiency, had to kick five field goals, and struggled in the redzone. In the end, ball security was what lost them the game. Nick Foles scored after both of the two turnovers made by the Cardinals, which forced them to play catch-up the entire time. These two will see each other again, and when they do the Cardinals should definitely bring their 48-point offense and not their 22-point offense.

Top Performers

Ari: Passing, Carson Palmer, 29-46, 352 yds, 1 td, 1 int

Rushing, Chris Johnson, 16 carries, 83 yds

Receiving, Larry Fitzgerald, 7 receptions, 99 yds, 1 fumbles

St. Lou: Passing, Nick Foles, 16-24, 171 yds, 3 tds

Rushing, Todd Gurley, 19 carries, 146 yds

Receiving, Tavon Austin, 6 receptions, 96 yds, 2 tds



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