Ruckusology Episode 31: How Do You Take Your Eggs?

Are you thinking about food? *stomach growls* Well, you will be when you hit play on this tasty episode of Ruckusology. The team gets things started by talking eggs (the food kinds, not the Easter kind), then transitions into a very helpful commercial for notes from mom. After that, explore the infinite possibilities of science and plants! Will the evil Dr. Martin burst in and ruin everything? Next, see if you can distinguish between Fender, the American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers, and gender, the social construct related to feminine and masculine expression. Finally, see what it takes to be Cassandra’s nutritionist. Because no one wants to be at the gym 25/7. Bon appetit, ya nog!


Cassandra DellaCorte

Lizzie Kaniecki

James Franke

Jamie Bergey

Ruckusology: A one-hour blast of improv comedy that amuses your ears and possibly other organs pending further research. A rotating cast of the spirited young folk of Ruckus create FCC-safe, totally improvised commercials, montages, and epic stories based on Yik Yak posts from that moment. Each hour also features fresh trivia games, competitions, and a third thing! 

Catch Ruckus live Saturdays at 8pm in G24 of the Cathedral of Learning. 

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