Ruckusology Episode 32: More Dogs, Less Nonsense

Hello! On this episode of Ruckusology, we discuss our friendly neighbors to the north. Oh Canada! Then, we do something we’ve never done before: a live sketch on air!! If that’s not enough, we’ve also got a nice game of Gellar or Cellar and Messrs. Hans Pinter and Frances Hungerbuhler stop by for a heated edition of Coint Pounter Coint. It’s a crazy ride, hop on!


Cassandra DellaCorte

Elisa Ogot

Jamie Bergey

Ruckusology: A one-hour blast of improv comedy that amuses your ears and possibly other organs pending further research. A rotating cast of the spirited young folk of Ruckus create FCC-safe, totally improvised commercials, montages, and epic stories based on Yik Yak posts from that moment. Each hour also features fresh trivia games, competitions, and a third thing! 

Catch Ruckus live Saturdays at 8pm in G24 of the Cathedral of Learning. 

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