Show Review: Big Gigantic – Brighter Future Tour


By: Victoria Tiley

Big Gigantic brought the bass to Stage AE last Thursday. Their opener, Illenium, was a DJ that I had never heard of before. He was super talented for an up-and-coming DJ and did an awesome job at pumping up the crowd before Big G came out at 10. One thing he shouldn’t have done, however, was try to remix Flume’s “Never Be Like You.” It definitely didn’t compare to the original version.

There was about a short intermission between Illenium and Big Gigantic, and within about ten minutes the lights dimmed and the venue started to vibrate. The bass was so overwhelming that it shook my whole body. A saxophone began to blare with electronic beats following right after. With Dominic Lalli on the saxophone and Jeremy Salken on drums, the night took off. The lights enhanced the set with tons of bright colors and made the show extremely visual. Big Gigantic’s sound is something like no other. They are way more than just DJ’s playing mixes off of a laptop. They managed to incorporate live instruments into their electronic set and the crowd roared for more. Their performance lasted two hours and they came out for a long encore. The night ended as a sea of confetti was dumped on the crowd when the bass dropped for the final time.

My friends who had never heard of Big G (I kind of convinced them to come with me) ended up saying that this was one of the best live performances they had ever seen. It was really awesome to see them get so into music that they had never heard before that night. It just proves that Big Gigantic has a sound that anyone can vibe to. I’m still insanely blown away by Dominic Lalli’s saxophone skills. Big Gigantic is super unique and I would highly recommend checking out one of their shows if you get a chance.

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