Show Review: Sorority Noise – US Tour 2016


By: Matt Sergison

There is something inherently right about having an emo concert on a Monday night. If you’ve had a rough weekend, or are dreading the week ahead, what’s a better remedy than singing along to sad songs with your friends? That school of thought was on full display at Sorority Noise’s show this past Monday at Cattivo. The band ripped through their catalogue of pop punk/emo/rock songs, hardly even stopping to take a breath between each track. The lack of stage banter didn’t lessen the band’s strong connection with the audience, who sang along with frontman Cam Boucher during every song. The crowd’s enthusiasm was seen all night, but peaked during crowd pleasers such as “Art School Wannabe”, “Corrigan” and “Using”, all from the band’s sophomore album Joy, Departed. The band itself was on point, playing with a high energy that didn’t produce sloppy sounding renditions.

Both openers were equally as solid. To me, Free Throw almost stole the show from the headliners. It’s always impressive to see the group’s technical guitar work on display live in concert. Filling in for the recently broken up Jank, the Nashville group played a great set, complete with a few songs off their upcoming second album. The new tracks sound less math-rock than their first album, more similar to Sorority Noise’s brand of emo, and makes me excited to hear more from these guys. The first group, Ratboys, was a band I had not heard of, but plan on checking out more of. The group’s indie rock sound akin to Waxahatchee was a great way to start off the show.

What made the show a fun one for me was the sense of community each band brought with them. All the members were chatting to the audience between sets, and seemed genuinely happy to be playing. The bands even spread some mental health awareness, offering help organizations for those who might need them. It’s this type of intimacy, coupled of course with the strong performances of the bands, that Sorority Noise’s show so successful, and made everybody’s Monday that much better.

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