Alumni Spotlight: Jake Nelko

Alumni Spotlight

Jake Nelko

Time at WPTS

2004 – 2008

A conversation with Jake

What was your role at WPTS?

DJ (04-08), Training Director

Why did you love WPTS?

WPTS was full of characters, like most college radio stations I suppose. We loved listening to less popular music and telling our friends about bands they hadn’t yet heard of. I
loved DJing rotation shows because it forced me to listen to bands I never would have tried. The
dedication to being “Pittsburgh’s Progressive FM” made it unique since we were playing music the
other stations weren’t. I work at a college now with an award-winning radio station, but WPTS
stands out because it’s run professionally by a dedicated radio professional who loves college
radio as much as we do.

What’s your favorite WPTS memory (or memories)?

WPTS threw the best dance parties, whether
in the Union or at someone’s house. The group was fun to be around all the time, especially when we
were tabling for the activities fair and distributing WPTS logo giveaways (read: throwing ping pong
balls from the top of the escalators in Posvar). Making friends over the weird music you like is a
lifelong bond. I got to reconnect with Jason Keinath over our love of emo when he moved out here to

Lastly what’s your current hometown/profession?

Tacoma, WA. Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
at the University of Puget Sound

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