Alumni Spotlight: Pilgrim

Alumni Spotlight


Time at WPTS

Early 90’s (98.5 FM)

A conversation with Pilgrim

What was your role at WPTS?

Production Director, DJ, all around swell

Why did you love WPTS?

the loose format, it was a great time for music, pre-grunge era thru the influences of the “Seattle sound”, great people who didn’t take themselves to seriously, and a huge
supporter of local music scene- The Clarks, The Cynics, Heretics, Bone of Contention, Fusebox,
Affordable Floors, etc

What’s your favorite WPTS memory (or memories)?

The Surreal Ball, The Cure Experience show at the Upstage, covering the Pgh Marathon, the attack on the station by the terrorist group Angry Neighbors Against Loudness, hundreds of great shows and good, clean , livin’

Lastly what’s your current hometown/profession?

let’s just say I’m in the used parts business (wink)

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