Alumni Spotlight: Theresa Colaizzi

Alumni Spotlight

Theresa Colaizzi

Time at WPTS

September 1983-October 1985

A conversation with Theresa

What was your role at WPTS?

Afternoon air talent and brief 2
month stint as program director

Why did you love WPTS?

It was such a great learning experience and propelled me for a
25 year stint at 3WS radio.

What’s your favorite WPTS memory (or memories)?

We held the first Party on the Patio, daylong event of bands. Also, we had switched from carrier current to the 98.5 frequency, with K.J.Jones playing Frida’s “I Know There’s Something Going On” to kick it off. We had such a great and talented staff.

Lastly what’s your current hometown/profession?

Currently, I work at United Healthgroup. I also do freelance voiceovers.

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