Album Review: Bonobo – Migration

By: Connor Murray

I classify this album as a “power album”. The fluctuation in tempo and tone in the track listing keep the mind guessing and on pace to complete whatever task presented in the foreground of the listener’s consciousness. In saying so, I was extremely productive when listening to this the first time through. Some of these tracks like “Migration” and “Second Sun” are truly chill-orchestrated electro that the critical music community fiends for in this present day. Others like “Bambro Koyo Ganda” and “Ontario” push more of a club vibe or a cardio workout feel. This album screams productivity, and I could not imagine how long it took to cultivate this work. The uninterrupted flow of this piece enhanced the listening experience for sure. There are also some cool features from Rhye and Innov Gnawa to check out on this album. Do not sleep on this. I feel stupid for not hearing of Bonobo before this album, and for that, I apologize here.

Rating: 4/5 (Medium Rotation)
RIYL: Rhye, Jamie XX, Moby, Mndsgn
Recommended: 1,3
FCC: Clean

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