Alumni Spotlight: CJ Malm

Alumni Spotlight

CJ Malm

Time at WPTS

2007 – 2011

A conversation with CJ

What was your role at WPTS?

Web Director / DJ / News Reporter

Why did you love WPTS?

It was a job, a club, a hobby, and a working classroom all rolled into one!

What’s your favorite WPTS memory (or memories)?

If I had to
pick just one… I was sent to give the weather forecast from on board a carnival ride during Fall Fest. While I was LIVE on the air, my pants snagged on a bolt on the ride seat… and split WIDE open. Not only did I have to walk half a block from the ride to the front door of the student union – I had to call my girlfriend for a ride home so I wouldn’t have to take a PAT bus! Needless to say… the on air banter was pretty priceless…

Lastly what’s your current hometown/profession?

Current Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Profession: News Reporter / Anchor / Producer at WJPA-FM, Washington, PA

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