Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Visco

Alumni Spotlight

Thomas Visco

Time at WPTS

2010 – 2013

A conversation with Thomas

What was your role at WPTS?

News Director, Dope Disk Jockey

Why did you love WPTS?

WPTS was one of the few places on campus that truly felt student-lead, student-driven, and student-oriented. During my years, dozens of student-sourced projects, many conceived in front of the board while playing dope jams, grew from infantile ideas to successful projects. Bringing these projects to life remain some of my fondest memories from my time at Pitt.

What’s your favorite WPTS memory (or memories)?

In 2012, WPTS hosted the first ever
political debate on Pitt’s campus when 4 mayoral candidates took the stage in one of the first mayoral debates of that election cycle. To me, this event was one of the best living demonstrations of how students could (and should) actively engage and impact public policy conversations at the municipal, state and national level. priceless…

Lastly what’s your current hometown/profession?

Since graduation, I’ve lived in Austin, Texas, where I founded Glasshouse Policy, a nonprofit, nonpartisan crowdsourced think tank.

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