Build 2011 Announces Microsoft Operating System

by Ashley Smith

Microsoft hosted their Build 2011 event in Anaheim, California this past week. The technology giant released a slew of new previews and releases for the attendees to explore. 

In the past year Microsoft delved back into the world of mobile operating systems with a solid, aesthetically pleasing OS. Windows phone 7 was refreshing and a viable alternative to Android or iOS. Since the original release Microsoft has been touting how amazing their future update would be. This week, the release of the MANGO update was previewed.  Despite Microsoft admitting that their mobile OS is not selling how they hoped, the company still has full faith behind the product. It isn’t the first time a Microsoft product was released and dragged along for much longer than it held relevance (such as the Zune music player, which was finally discontinued earlier this year).

The event also presented Microsoft’s new desktop operating system. The new system is aptly named Windows 8. It follows the increasing trend of operating systems being heavily application oriented. Apple’s recently released their newest OS build, Lion, which also centers on the concept of the app. Windows 8 adopts a similar feel to its mobile counterpart, Windows Phone 7, through tiles. The OS has been confirmed to begin integration with XBOX Live, along with an array of new additions and improvements.

Microsoft also brought forward its steps into the world of tablets. Microsoft demoed a few tablets featuring ARM processors. These tablets will be running a version of the new Windows 8 OS. Tablets have been predominated by Apple so far, but with these new tablets things could begin to change as it presents a quality OS optimized for the platform.

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