Contacting the Station

Snail Mail:
411 William Pitt Union
3959 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Front Desk [General Inquiries]: (412) 648-7990
Fax: (412) 648-7988

Phone [Requests & On-Air Guests]: (412) 383-WPTS [9787]*
AIM: wptsrequest


*Please Note: Our request line at (412) 383-9787 is for requests and on-air discussions only. You will not be placed on the air until you have given the DJ permission to do so and agreed to the following policies and restrictions.

Any person who appears on 92.1 WPTS must abide by all station policies and restrictions regarding on-air content, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • No profanity whatsoever.
  • No calls to action (i.e. “Check out this show” or “Rent this movie”).
  • No mention of money (including the word “free!”).
  • No political discussions.