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Please Rewind: Birdman

The top two Video and DVD Rental store co-owners, Hank and Clay discuss movie rental tips and insider secrets and count down “The Top Six Movies to Watch This Week That We Watched to...

Bully PulPod

The Bully PulPod: Staff Show #1

Join the Bully Podcast for our first staff show, featuring a conversation with host and head writer Matt Stalford, head writers Josh Feder and Brendan Stautberg, and executive producer Annabelle Hanflig.

Movie Review: Annihilation

By: Morgan Gilmer Rating: 9/10 Alex Garland’s latest film is a harrowing, haunting journey into the unknown that leaves the audience itching at every moment for the next reveal. He wowed with Ex Machina, and...

Movie Review: Game Night

By: Troy Emswiler Rating: 7/10 Game Night is an action-packed black comedy directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Written by Mark Perez, it stars Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. Notable supporting actors...