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In the Midst of a Technical Transition….

In the Midst of a Technical Transition….

HEY our stream is getting major improvements… but until that is complete, hop on our Iheart Radio stream instead :)) Our main stream will be back Monday so don’t freak out!

Winter Marathon!!!

WPTS Radio Presents 24 hours of specialty content from Friday February 25th 12am to Saturday February 26th 12am tune in at 92.1 FM, Iheart Radio and streaming right here on

WPTS Rest and Relaxation Giveaway!!!

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES 12/10/21 1. To enter WPTS Rest and Relaxation Giveaway (“giveaway”), comment on a delegated Instagram post accessible on the WPTS Radio Instagram account. The comment must include tagging 2 friends and...

WPTS Zine Submissions

Looking for artists to submit artwork, poetry, short stories, essays, hot takes, music reviews, pictures, portraits, collages, and MORE!! Submission Form:

Protomartyr Giveaway @ Club Cafe

  On November 21st, Protomartyr will be playing at Club Cafe! Coming off their newest album, Ultimate Success Story, they will get their first chance to show it off live during their first tour...