Category: 1st and 10 (NFL)

12-4-17 1st and 10

This episode is a recap of the biggest victories and most detrimental losses from Week 13 of the NFL. Dan and Brenden discuss their main takeaways from a week that shook up the AFC...

1st and 10 11-27-17

1st and 10 11-27-17

Jack, Dan, Brenden, and Nick take a look at the top-4 teams in the league and speculate when their runs could come to an end.  Jack rants about the Browns again.

1st and 10 Divisional Round

Alex Dittmar, Jack Merlino, Arthur Mueller, and Mike Hamby are back after winter break to talk playoff football. They go last weeks action and preview the Divisional Round. They also pick their Super Bowl...

1st and 10 Week 14

  The crew Siva Sundaram, Anthony Cangelosi, Mike Hamby, and Pat Altemose, give their takes on Week 13, make their predictions in the key game for Week 14, and give their playoff teams.  ...