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NFL Mock Draft Vol. 4

By Cory Stillman The draft is quickly approaching, and I can’t remember a draft that seemed so wide open. Only the first overall pick even has the slightest certainty surrounding it; the rest of...

NFL Mock Draft Vol. 3

Over the coming months leading up to the April 27th event, WPTS Sports contributor Cory Stillman will be sharing his predictions for the 2017 NFL Draft, eventually culminating in a full 7-round mock draft....

The Litz Report Ep 6

Litz and his friend Luke are back! This week they tackle Keap and the players protesting their visit to the Whitehouse. As always they take fan mail at the end.    

10 Minute Drill Ep5

Mike Hamby hosts Alex Dittmar, Arthur Mueller, Cale Berger, and John Bouchard as they debate the NBA trade deadline, NFL free agency, and MLB spring training.