Get Involved with WPTS!

For Students, For Artists, For Organizations and Businesses, For Alumni

For Students

Want to have a show on air? Email our Technical ASM at You can also get started by filling out the Show Application.

Want to have a podcast? Fill out the Podcast Application!

Want to get involved behind the scenes? Check out our Staff Page to see which director you may be interested in working with and send them an email! Or stop by the station any time, weekdays 9-5, and say hello!

For Artists

Want to get your music on air? Send an email to our Music Director with digital files, or send a physical copy of your music to the station:

411 William Pitt Union
3959 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Want to be on live show? Send an email to our Productions Director to inquire about that.

For Organizations and Businesses

Need a live DJ for your event? Fill out the Live DJ Request Form

Want to underwrite with WPTS? Check the Underwriting Information Page and send an email to Our Underwriting Director.

Have a community event to share? Submit it via the Community Events Submission Form to have it considered for the Event Calendar and on-air promotion.

For Alumni

Want to share about your WPTS experience? Fill out the WPTS Alumni Spotlight Application.

Or maybe relive it? Fill out the Alumni Show Application to come back to WPTS and do a one hour set playing music of your choosing.

Or share some music remotely? If you can’t make it to WPTS in person for Alumni show, you can always submit a playlist via the Alumni Playlist Submission Form to be played during Alumni Show.