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Super Slot: Ice Caps

Icy isn’t a common adjective to describe music, but when it is used, it’s usually spot on. Tonight’s Super Slot, featuring the likes of DJ Lauren Saggio, will explore the concept of icy music,...

WPTS Top 30, Week of 12/4/12

1 TAME IMPALA Lo erism Modular 2 BAT FOR LASHES The Hau ted Ma EMI 3 A FINE FRENZY Pi es Virgi 4 OF MONTREAL Daughter Of Cloud Polyvi yl 5 BARBARAS 2006-2008 Go...

The Pittiful News Update

Continuing our commitment to campus media organization cooperation, WPTS is proud to present our first weekly installment of The Pittiful News Update. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]