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Stoppage Time 3/23/18

On this episode of Stoppage Time Zack and Mike discuss Zlatan’s move to MLS, the next round of European competition, and the current state of the Premier League.

Movie Review: Isle of Dogs

By: Thomas Troyan Rating: 6/10 Wes Anderson makes very visually pleasing movies. Using colorful pastels, and precise framing and blocking, he’s developed a style which many filmmakers have tried to imitate and parody over...

charts for 4/2

1. Soccer Mommy Clean (Fat Possum) 2. Current Joys A Different Age (Danger Collective) 3. Lucy Dacus Historian (Matador) 4. The Breeders All Nerve (4AD) 5. Palm Rock Island (Carpark) 6. The Regrettes Attention...

Your Magic Number is Pick N Roll

It’s officially magic number season! Pick N Roll is counting down the days until we clinch a playoff berth.