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Your Magic Number is Pick N Roll

It’s officially magic number season! Pick N Roll is counting down the days until we clinch a playoff berth.

Blue Line Crew

Blue Line Crew 4/2/2018: Regular Season Finale

After a two week break, the crew deals with all of the breaking news of the day with the announcement of the Sedin twins. They take a look at the locked in Playoff teams...

Bully PulPod

The Bully PulPod: Staff Show #2

On the second episode of the Bully PulPod’s Staff Show, head writer Josh Feder talks with Niki Iyer, marketing director, Walt Young, writer, and Jack Habib, writer and production assistant, about putting a citizenship...

Egg Hunt Rules

Egg Hunt Rules

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES Created 3-30-2018 1. To participate in the WPTS Egg Hunt, search for plastic eggs containing prize coupons, which will be hidden on and around the University of Pittsburgh campus periodically between...