Hog’s Head Bar and Grill

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  1. John Hinterlang says:

    Enjoyed this podcast. I sooo want to check out Hog’s Head now.

    While I’m at it, I wanted to pass along something that I did when I was a student at Pitt.
    Back when I was a student, (early 1980’s) there were pizza wars going on where prices were ridiculous so we had a pizza party where we ordered pizzas from multiple delivery establishments. We didn’t tell the establishment but we timed them from the moment we pressed the last number on the phone to the moment the change was handed into our hands. We were such geeks! We needed multiple people to be ready in case multiple delivery persons arrived at the same time, which they did.
    We told the delivery folks what we were doing afterward and several of the establishments called back to find out how they did. Now the winner was Domino’s but to be fair they were also closest to the apartment. When we told them, they won the race they sent over a couple more pizza’s and drinks.
    Like you we established criteria to rate the various pizza’s and all voted, but that was just for our fun.
    It was funny but the Pitt News did an article soon after this about the pizza wars and the reporter heard about our race and interviewed my sister (it was her apartment). It was great fun!!!

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