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A Women’s Place Is In The Pod Hosted by Allison Ball, Devi Ruia, and Alison Sivitz, ‘A Woman’s Place Is In The Pod’ is a podcast about influential women who are changing the world. Each episode will highlight a different woman and the professional and personal accomplishments that have made her an outstanding feminist figure.


ACLU Club Know Your Rights We will discuss a specific student oriented list of rights — know your rights: protests, know your rights: dorm searches, etc. Each week will be a new right.


Being Human “Celebrating the value of the humanities, within the university and beyond.”


Cell Cultured New scientific discoveries and innovations in the world and at The University of Pittsburgh.


Conversations With CASA Culture and cultural identity can be an abstract and hard-to-understand concept, especially when so many people of similar geographical background can have widely varying narratives. Join Edward Lin, the PR Chair of the Universty of Pittsburgh’s Chinese American Students Association, as he interviews guests of a wide variety of backgrounds in an effort to explore what makes each of them unique, and what ties them to their cultures. Whether you’re searching for your own identity, or just eager to hear some interesting stories and conversations, this is the podcast for you.


One In Twenty I often find myself in odd and ridiculous situations, leading to some pretty funny stories. Every week, I invite someone new to host with me, we randomly pick a word and we share funny stories that have happened to us related to that word or just general funny jokes about it.


Reelin It In Join Adam, Ben, Brendon, and Madison for Reeling It In!, a show about discussing and interpreting anything film related. From individual films to entire studios and genres, it’s all on the table.


WPTS x SGB “WPTS Podcasts teams up with Pitt’s Student Government Body to discuss their monthly initiatives around campus.”


WPTS Day To celebrate WPTS Day, 9/21, we made a podcast! Caleb brings guests and former members Allison and CJ as they reminisce on their college days and their time at WPTS.


WPTS & Redeye Present Join WPTS Radio and Redeye Theatre Project as we bring you original podcast-style shows, all produced in 24 hours.

Sports Podcasts


10 Minute Drill “Four rotating contestants each week, 4 rounds of 10 minutes on a different topic, after each round one contestant is eliminated until we have a winner.”

Past Podcasts


Entanglement is a podcast about love, partnership, and the natural entanglement of humans. This podcast is supported by WPTS Radio and the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center.