Pick N Roll Is Not Sponsored By Popeyes

Is Popeyes delicious? Yes. Is it a sponsor of this podcast? No. But Arthur had Popeyes for lunch so we spent most of the time talking about NBA players in the context of Popeyes...

Stoppage Time March 16th, 2018: The Wenger Hokey-Pokey

On this episode of Stoppage Time, Dan and Zack talk about the Champion’s League, Europa League, and other developments in the world of soccer. NOTE: this was recorded before UMBC vs. Virginia game,  just...

Blue Line Crew

Blue Line Crew 3/12/18

The crew comes back from break to talk about what the playoff picture looks like right now. They talk about how the NHL overtime point system can affect potential playoff teams. They look into...

Pick N Roll is Tanking

We tanked this episode of Pick N Roll to try to get someone who is better at doing an NBA podcast to come on next week’s episode.

Hey Now, Pick N Roll Is an All Star

Special guest Cale Berger joins us for our annual episode where we review the all star game and try to fix all the problems with it. This year’s game was actually pretty good though,...

Blue Line Crew

On this episode, Andrew, James, and Zack discuss the Olympic hockey tournaments as well as the impending NHL Trade Deadline and the effect it could have on the standings.  Lastly, the guys discuss the...

Stoppage Time Mini-Episode (Feb. 19, 2018)

On this short edition of Stoppage Time, Zack discusses the Champion’s League Fixtures from last week and previews this week’s fixtures in the competition.  Also, Zack talks about Pitt Men’s Soccer’s historic 2018 recruiting class.

Pick N Roll Hosts Itself

Inspired by Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, Arthur lets the podcast host itself.

Blue Line Crew

Blue Line Crew 2/5/18 Olympics and NHL

The crew of Andrew Ziemba James Watkins, Zach Harris, and John Bouchard talk about the developing news in the NHL with an in depth look at the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Capitals game. Zach and...