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NFL Power Rankings Week 1

Week 1 Power Rankings By:  James Watkins Kansas City Chiefs: A team that already seemed to be one of the best in the AFC went into Foxborough and ran circles around the defending champion...

Pick N Roll 4/25/17

Arthur & Luke discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs (so far). Luke is complaining less about the Celtics than last week while Arthur is just excited to see the conclusion of another...

Pick N Roll 4/18/17

  Arthur and Luke discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs, including the woeful performance of the #1 seed Celtics and the concert-cancellation implications some series may have.    

10 Minute Drill Ep 9

Mike Hamby is back to host the fastest growing sports debate show in the nation. This week he is joined by Stuart Blair, Alex Dittmar, Alec Davis, and John Bouchard as they debate all...

Pick N Roll 3/28/17

Arthur Mueller, Luke Olander, and Cale Berger discuss the week’s happenings in the NBA, including the Celtics’ rise, the Cavs’ underperformance, shoutouts of the week, and more.