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1st and 10 11-27-17

1st and 10 11-27-17

Jack, Dan, Brenden, and Nick take a look at the top-4 teams in the league and speculate when their runs could come to an end.  Jack rants about the Browns again.

Pick N Roll 4/18/17

  Arthur and Luke discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs, including the woeful performance of the #1 seed Celtics and the concert-cancellation implications some series may have.    

Pick N Roll 3/28/17

Arthur Mueller, Luke Olander, and Cale Berger discuss the week’s happenings in the NBA, including the Celtics’ rise, the Cavs’ underperformance, shoutouts of the week, and more.

Pick N Roll 1/31/17

Arthur Mueller, Cale Berger, and Luke Olander discuss the week’s happenings in the NBA with a particular focus on ongoing off-the-court social media beefs in the Pick N Roll Social Media Edition.