Underwriting & Sponsorship

WPTS Radio is the student-run, non-commercial radio station at the University of Pittsburgh.

At WPTS Radio, we offer underwriting, non-commercial radio’s equivalent to advertising. Underwriting at WPTS provides an affordable, effective marketing opportunity for local businesses to get the word out about their business and also serves as a great way to support the BEST college radio station in the land (per MTVu)!

WPTS Radio offers several underwriting and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and organizations such as on-air underwriting, sports underwriting, program underwriting, and social media & content underwriting.

Any questions regarding underwriting can be directed to Underwriting Director Jake Sternberg by email at underwriting@wptsradio.org.

On-Air Underwriting

Currently, we average 16 hours of live, on-air programming. This includes a variety of progressive music shows with on-air DJs, sports talk, campus news talk, and other speciality programming.

Our on-air underwriting is characterized as a 30-second spot that runs at the top of the hour that is being “underwritten”. Per FCC regulations, these spots are neutral-toned, informational messages that tell the essentials about the underwriting business or organization. These spots are available for purchase in varying quantities and are scheduled on a run-of-schedule basis.

Pitt Sports Underwriting

WPTS Radio is proud to be the student home for all things Pitt sports. We have wide variety of sports programming that includes broadcasts of:

  • Every Pitt Football game
  • Every Pitt men’s and women’s home basketball game
  • Select Pitt baseball and soccer games.

For our Pitt sports broadcasts, we offer presenting sponsorships that include multiple mentions of the underwriting sponsor in addition to a set number of spots that run over the course of every broadcast. WPTS Radio has packages that can fit any marketing budget.

Program Underwriting

WPTS Radio broadcasts a variety of unique, weekly programs that provide really exciting on-air content that can be specifically underwritten. These programs include:

  • WPTS Wednesday Nights: We kick things off with the WPTS Local Show (7 PM), which exclusively features songs from Pittsburgh musical artists. After that is the WPTS Live Show (9 PM), which features an hour-long, live music session from local and touring bands. We then wrap things up with the WPTS Super Slot (10 PM), which features a new, unique theme for the music played on the show every week.
  • Campus Roundtable: Wednesday afternoons at 5 PM, News Director Nick Sullivan hosts a discussion show featuring relevant campus topics and figures.
  • Ruckusology 101: Pitt’s only improv comedy troupe, Ruckus, hosts a show every Friday afternoon at 3 PM.
  • WPTS Morning Show: A rotating cast of WPTS staffers hosts the WPTS Morning Show every weekday morning from 7-9 AM. The program features a mix of entertaining talk and music that makes for a perfect complement to a morning commute.

Content and Social Media Underwriting

Another great way to reach WPTS’ online following is by participating in our content and social media underwriting. Our comprehensive online presence allows us to distribute our online content to an audience that might be your target. These bits of content include podcasts, video content, news article, and social media posts.

Our Audience

As the University of Pittsburgh’s only student-run radio station, our audience is primarily comprised of college aged people in close proximity to Pitt’s campus and the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Also, listenership includes students on other college campuses such as Point Park University, Duquesne University, and Carnegie Mellon Univsersity.